HPL Compact features ?

HPL Compact has a core made of resin-impregnated cellulose sheets, which are faced on both sides with a decorative melamine resin surface. Alternatively, it can be produced from mineral constituents and is thus non-combustible. Egy Stone is cooperating with the multinational companies: Polyrey, Greenlam and Sunfull to guarantee to its customers the best materials.

HPL Compact Features

Anti Bacterial

Surfaces in HPL Compact do not favour the growth of bacteria or funguses and a sanitized area of work.


Compact HPL panels are often used as toilet partitions. The sanitary partition is designed as a system of empty cells consisting of Compact HPL panels linked together. Moreover, this partition is used for public works, the number of users is large, it is impossible to avoid damage due to users' consciousness. HPL Compact panels are currently the only material that can meet the durability and bearing capacity of such public buildings.

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Through quality tests, the Compact HPL sheet after being immersed in water for 72h, there is no change in thickness. The sheet does not swell, warp, fade or blister despite being completely immersed in water. This advantage is due to layers of kraft paper, phenolic glue and melamine paper pressed together under high temperature and pressure (1430psi) to form a uniform Compact HPL sheet with dense molecular density. As a result, water cannot penetrate inside to destroy the Compact HPL sheet.

Easy To Clean

The HPL Compact is very easy to clean and maintain. Smooth and non-porous, does not absorb any substances because stains remain on the surface and can be easily removed, while scratches and small damage can be repaired using an abrasive sponge.


One of the importatnt HPL Compact features is the lightweight, Compact is perfect where a product must have high strength and low weight. It is a material of many unique properties including extreme strength and light weight that lends itself to original and highly attractive designs.

Color Variety

Compact is available in a bespoke range of graphic finishes in various colours, or custom designs, our palette of plain colours lends itself to any interior application and is available in textures ranging from deep matt to high gloss.


Scratch Resistance

Scratch Resistance HPL supports functionality, maintenance, and long-lasting performance.