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We are a leading and specialized company in the field of supplying and installing Corian and compact works of all kinds and their accessories As we are an authorized agent and distributor for many major companies We are strongly present in the Egyptian market, as we have a large base of major clients and contracting companies So we always become the first choice.





Egy Stone is looking forward to leadership in the field of decoration, especially Corian and Compact, and to become one of the largest import and export companies in this field at the local and global levels. A level to match our vision.

Our motto is always striving for more success in work.


To always strive to provide the best  materials with high quality and at the best prices to suit all tastes in various fields. Which makes us always at the forefront of our distinction, Egy Stone is the best choice for those looking to own a touch of high quality and good taste.


Egy Stone is always committed to ethics and honesty in dealing with customers, gaining their trust and forming good relationships with them by providing them with the best materials to achieve their complete satisfaction with work and after-sales services. We have a culture of teamwork and responsibility towards the customer.


  • Obtaining a special place in the list of the best corian and compact companies in the Egyptian and international market.
  • We always strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction with the service provided to him and to provide after-sales service.
  • The cooperation with distinguished companies to achieve common interests, and to create and stimulate opportunities for cooperation and investment.                         
  • Building wide and solid working relationships with the local, regional and international business community.
Client Satisfaction 95%
Success Rate 98%
Material quality 100%

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It is a solid acrylic surface, and it is a material that has the shape of natural marble, and is characterized by gloss and smoothness of the surface. It is the most suitable choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to its durability and strength for easy formation in addition to its multiple colors. Corian is produced in the form of panels of different thicknesses (6 mm, 12 mm)


  • Color graftable
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Easy to restoration and repair
  • light weight 
  • nonporous
  • Easy to clean
  • No welds appearing


  • Elevator floors
  • Bathroom units
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Reception counter
  • Operating room cladding
  • Tables


Corian, It’s pretty low maintenance , helping to create a very unique solid surface countertop design for your kitchen, Corian is heat resistant and will withstand temperatures up to around 650°F (340°C)


Marble natural,  requires a lot of maintenance, natural marble appears with welds, marble can only withstand temperatures up to around 480°F (248°C).


If you want a countertop that’s easy to look after, go for Corian.

It is thin slides that are combined by pressure under high temperatures. It is characterized by ease of cleaning and disinfect, as well as ease of dismantling and installation. It is used in bathroom partitions due to its resistance to water, moisture and breakage.


  • Withstand weather and water factors
  • Easy to disassemble, install and clean
  • Anti-insect and anti-bacterial
  • Resistant to scratches and shocks
  • anti break


  • bathroom dividers
  • bathroom partitions
  • tables
  • wall cladding
  • lockers
  • Benches


Compact HPL is a self-bearing material material. An additional core material is not necessary. By this solid core it is resistant to humidity and temperature.
Therefore Compact HPL is also applicable in laboratories and hospitals.With a thickness of 3 to 25 mm, the most common thickness is 12mm

HPL is a coating material for boards consisting of different layers.With a thickness of 0,5 to 1,5 mm HPL is applied for the coating of boards like MDF, chip-board or plywood in order to create durable furniture surfaces.