Store Front

Corian can be used to make storefronts by engraving all the brands of the store, as Corian is characterized by its strength, durability, lightweight and easiness of formation. Also corian does not lose its color by time as well as its maintenance “when needed” is so easy.


  • Making curved surface or a zigzag shaped wall is the hardest in all materials but talking about corian, it is the easiest. Guess why? Because corian could be formed easily in whatever shape of your choice.

  • In hospital, laboratories and ICU; corian is the perfect choice for wall claddings and countertops as it is a non-porous material in addition to its resistance to bacteria and has no reaction with chemicals or acids.


Corian is the ideal material for reception counters in shops, malls and banks because it gives an aesthetic touch to the place. It is also characterized by the possibility of color grafting , in addition to being easy to maintain “when needed”.


Kitchen Top

One of the most used materials in modern kitchens is the corian where you can make a full kitchen of corian including the basins. Countertops and cabinets of kitchen would be easily cleaned. Luxurious kitchens are made of corian for its elegant and high end quality finishes as corian leaves no marks after installation.


Corian tabletops are the best guaranteed –easy to use- material between all others. One of its important feature, is the easy to clean method. The fantasy touch is the brand new trend for tables of corian.

Bathroom Units

An aesthetic touch to your home would be added by our best seller vanity units. Our unique designs are all available and characterized by their high quality finish and the elegant touch of magic as corian allows us to innovate more and more.

Elevator Flooring

Imagine a surface light in weight, with better physical and chemical properties than natural marble, can be cut, fabricated and polished using conventional woodworking tools, glued together to form seamless joints, can be repaired and refurbished to original glory with ease and available in amazing colours! That is why the acrylic solid surface is prefered in the elevator floorings.