Bathroom partitions

HPL Compact Partitions are hygienic and easy to maintain, we focus on offering high-quality products that meet the specific demands of washroom applications in healthcare, education, commercial and leisure sectors.   

Bathroom dividers

In hygienic and sanitary rooms, privacy is very important, which affects the comfort of using toilets in public places. HPL urinal partitions are important for comfortable and intimate use of urinals. Egy Stone offers functional and lightweight urinal screens that are perfect for men’s public toilets.


HPL Table Tops must be water-proof, UV-resistant, aging-resistant etc. 
Egy Stone Table Tops including all these features. It can adapt to all weather; Table base could be changed to aluminum, stainless steel, metal etc.
Table size could be customized. Also It’s available for outdoor and indoor use, and suitable for patio or dining sets.

Wall cladding

HPL Exterior Cladding Panel Ultraviolet Resistance Resistant  against acid rains, air pollution Resistance to weathering atmospheric conditions High Dimensional Stability Resistant  Heavy Impacts Optimal Light-Fastness.


we manufacture for worker, sports, school changing rooms, as well as other facilities, are made of high-quality materials. . Thus the structural components we offer can be used in rooms with increased temperatures or humidities (changing rooms in sports facilities or swimming pools).


These lockers are safe and secure and are thus suited for various public buildings. They are made using high pressure laminate and are thus suited for wet and damp areas such as aqua parks, swimming pools, spas and saunas.